Entry #7

What constitutes integrity?

2010-01-31 11:43:02 by ericdrebin

I've been playing with Antares' EVO Auto-Tune plug-in (most famous for providing us with the 'T-Pain' effect) lately. I admit that it is a lot of fun to use and opens up a lot of different directions for my music to take. But it also raises a lot of ethical questions for me. Is the use of an Auto-Tuner on a poor vocal performance a bad thing, especially since it is frequently used in the live theatre environment? Or is it more important to ensure the audience who paid a significant ticket price with the best possible performance that modern technology can provide?
Quite a few bands have begun boycotting the use of auto-tuners (most notably Death Cab For Cutie). They are fed up with the rampant use of the technology in modern music. But is the Auto-Tuner really that bad? Isn't it just another musical effect, no different than the use of reverb to open and add room to a performance, or chorus to add depth? Or is it a crutch used to allow poor singers with the ability to pass on sub-par performances?
I'm kind of on the fence on this one.

What constitutes integrity?


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2010-03-22 22:16:53

I personally think it's insulting to give a bad singer a job when so many people have worked so hard to become decent singers and have nothing to show for it.


2010-07-20 00:25:01

i agree with Tharos.
auto-tune is okay in my opinion depending on the sound one is going for.
Yet there are these amazingly talented people who can't get anywhere because all the bad singers are already signed to any open spots in the enormous flaw called "The Music Industry"

Seriously. Go on YouTube and search for "Maddi Jane Break Even"
This very young and talented girl could destroy Justin Bieber.
Alas, autotune wins again.


2010-07-27 11:44:52

Yeah, I'm not too fond of it myself, but if it's part of the sound the artist is going for then it's fine. I remember way back in the mid 90's some chick at an open mike evening in Jo'burg did 5 or 6 songs with her voice and acoustic guitar going through a flanger pedal ... most revolting thing I ever heard, because after the second song the novelty started wearing off...


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